[ Music ] ^M00:00:05 >> Expanding student education through diversity is very important. It allows them to really be exposed to real-world perspectives. Sometimes the university can be a bubble and when the student goes out into the real world, they expect their reality to also be part of that bubble. With a diverse faculty, you get exposed to multiple perspectives and you really get challenged by those realities. So when a student goes out into the real world, they are away from that bubble, and they know how to handle themselves in the real world. As a first generation, as someone who teaches decolonizing practices in education, it's very important to get students to be comfortable with their own opinions, to really show that diversity and answering in a different way from what is typically seen as the normal answer is a valid answer to have multiple perspectives to be able to back up and argue that. ^M00:01:05 I feel that students need to be exposed to these kinds of perspectives, to a diverse lot of opinions that sometimes can make us angry. I think in the real world, you will experience people who will have different opinions from you. And you need to understand not only their perspective, but also be able to handle yourself when listening to another person. I am very grateful for the students that we have here. As I am teaching, I am also learning from their perspectives, from their backgrounds, especially as a first-generation student. I am coming in and relating to these students at a much deeper level than I ever had in teaching in other institutions. I chose CSUSB because it feels like home to me, and I grew up in Southern California. And I appreciate the level of diversity that is in this area. ^M00:02:00 [ Music ]