^B00:00:04 >> I don't look at myself as a VP or an executive. I don't hang my hat on a title. A title can come and go. I think, you know, what's more important is being in a room and being able to make sure there is a voice for folks of color in that room, right? I'm trying to make sure that we're a voice around that room and around that table. Entering the University here, I decided I want to be a sponge. I want to soak in what the campus had to offer. I want to soak in the relationships with the University and the faculty, staff and the students. But I also wanted to make a difference while I was here. So, if it wasn't for Cal State San Bernardino, I would not have gotten my master's degree here. I would not have applied for a fellowship program. So this University allowed me to figure out opportunities. I have no regrets on the decisions that have been made about coming to San Bernardino and then looking at my career and what's been accomplished because of the education here. Knowing that I am 40% of men that have graduated from a University system -- and I'm sure if you look at, you know, Black men, the number gets smaller. I mean, if you look at men of color, the number gets smaller. But somebody else had to plant a seed in me. Somebody had to show me that there is more to life than where I've come from. So that means that it's my job to say yes more than no, just to make sure that somebody has an opportunity to move forward. I'm learning how to advocate for Cal State Bernardino but knowing that even while you're advocating for San Bernadino, you're also advocating for students across the board to attend the CSU system or graduate from the CSU system to be an alumni. So that is a great opportunity in itself. Don't take that lightly at all. But if you want to feel like you are welcomed, if you want to feel like you have a small network and community and a good family, I think this is a University to attend. And you can leave here with friends for a lifetime. It's safe to say that Cal State San Bernardino was my college of choice. My name is Sedric Spencer. I love Cal State San Bernardino. I'm a Q and I'm a Coyote for life. ^M00:02:08 [ Coyote Howl ]